Reusable Oil Filter for Car Engine: Clean Your Reusable Oil Filter

The automotive industry is not standing still. Reusable Oil Filters for cars are gaining increasing popularity. In contrast to the outdated filters of the classical design, it has a huge resource, as well as environmental friendliness.

Reusable Oil Filter for Car Engine

Stainless steel oil filters are created for lifetime use. Instead of changing the filter to a new one, you just need to unscrew the old one and clean the cartridge from particles of dirt and metal. Filtration takes place through the Stainless Steel Micro-Screen mesh, which is not inferior to the classical scheme of oil purification through paper.

Which Manufacturers Make Stainless Steel Oil Filters:

  • K & N
  • Hubb
  • Pure power
  • Flo

Advantages of Stainless Steel Reusable Oil Filters

  • Environmental protection
  • Savings on consumables
  • Improved performance
  • Lifelong operation
  • Stainless will not swell/plug up when water gets into the oil.


  • High starting price
  • Cleaning is waste more time

How to Clean Reusable Oil Filter?

Here is the video tutorial on how to clean a reuseable oil filter.


Lifetime oil filters have a high price, that terrifies car owners with low mileage per year. But reusable goods save our nature and protect you from buying a fake or broken filter.

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