Ford Focus MK3 Key Battery Change Guide

If your Ford Focus begins to open doors poorly or the trunk opening button does not work, the problem most likely lies in the key battery low.

Ford Focus Mk3 Key Battery change

Key Battery Replacement Guide

In the key battery replacement guide, you should know about the required tools and materials that we need.

Required Tools and Materials:

  1. New lithium battery CR2032 3v
    • Duracell CR2032
    • VARTA CR2032
    • Energizer CR2032
    • Maxell CR2032
    • Kodak CR2032
    • GP CR2032
    • Samsung CR2032
    • Sony CR2032
    • Supra CR 2032
  2. Flat blade screwdriver
Required tools and materials

Step 1. Remove the rear key cover by prying the Ford emblem off the edge.

Remove the rear key cover

Step 2. Pull out the inserted battery and change it with a new one and that’s it.

inserted battery and change

Step 3. Click the cover of the key and it’s ready for use.

Ford Focus Key Battery Change Video

Get more information about the ford focus key battery change with this video.

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