Learn Different Methods to Remove a Broken Oil Filter

Have you ended up with a Broken Oil Filter? Do you want to know how to remove a broken oil filter?

Oil filtration is essential for your car’s engine. Most people ignore the maintenance of the engine because of an oil filter getting stuck in the engine. This creates a problem for you while driving your car.

So, when an oil filter jams, here are some things you can do.

How to Remove a Broken Oil Filter

There are a lot of modern techniques I will explain here to remove the broken oil filter.

Here, we will discuss the damaged oil filter removal tool and the steps by which we will remove the broken oil filters easily.

Why Do Oil Filter Gets Stuck or Broken?

Before moving toward discussing the removal techniques, we have to know about the reasons why the oil filter gets stuck or broken.

The first reason for the broken oil filter is tightening the oil filter too much; you will pull it only by using your hands; when you tighten it too much, the rubber seal will eventually become a gasket that breaks the oil filter.

It is tough to break the seal.

The second reason is that the rubber should not be lubricated and will be removed easily when needed.

How to Remove a Broken Oil Filter?

Now it’s time to explain all those tools and steps by which you will be able to remove the broken oil filter. First, we will discuss all tools, and further, we will discuss the steps. So, let’s start by explaining the tools for removing the oil filters.

Screw Driver:

In the market, many tools are available, one of which is a Screw Driver. You can use a screwdriver on the side of the oil filter to remove it quickly.

End Cap Oil Filter:

This tool is available in different sizes to remove broken oil filters. You have to slip the correct height over the end of the filter.

End Cap Remover:

It comes in jaws of 2 to 3 styles. It will be tightened on the bottom of the oil filter and grow tighter as you turn it. It will take the place of a dozen particular size end cap filter sockets.

Handled Band-Style Oil Filter Wrench:

It will come with a swivel handle, and you don’t need to have 3 of the same handle cut off at different lengths. It is straightforward to use; you must slip it over the filter and turn it. It will be tightened down and removed, mostly filters.

Filter Pliers:

This tool is also helpful for the removal of broken oil filters. It will remove the filter or tear it to pieces in this process. It will be available in different sizes and with a swivel handle.

Cloth Strap Wrench:

These will be sold in the market as bulk quantities for removal of the filter and unscrew the covers of the cartridge style. You have to slip and turn it until the slack is out. You can also use a ratchet wrench or breaker bar to turn the filter loose.

Chain Wrench:

These wrenches are available both with or without handles. It will tighten down to the hardest to remove the filter and crush it until it is totally removed.

Steps for Removal of Broken Oil Filter

Now, let’s move toward the steps by which you can remove your broken oil filter easily and manually. Now, we are going to elaborate on the steps in detail.

Steps for Removal of Broken Oil Filter

Drain the Motor Oil:

Suppose you are talking about your car’s damaged and broken oil filter, and you want to remove this oil filter.

To remove the oil filter, first of all, you have to drain the old Motor Oil from your car away. To drain your car’s oil, you should start and run it for a couple of minutes.

It will warm up the car oil, and then you can quickly drain your car’s motor oil. Now, you must find the oil on and the drain plug under your vehicle. You can take the broken oil filter out when you have access to the drain plug with a socket wrench.

Remove the Oil Filter Cap:

Every oil filter comes with a cap on the bottom, so you must first locate the lid and take it off. The oil filter cap will be available along with a screw thread, which a filter wrench should remove.

You can do this easily by the usage of a socket wrench. You must use a large socket wrench if you have a large oil filter.

Deal With Damaged Oil Filter:

Now, we move toward the next step, which is a little complicated. That step is the removal of the damaged oil filter. The damage may be internal or external. In this step, we will discuss both injuries in detail.

In the case of internal damage, the exterior should be like before. In this case, you have to remove it from its place. Mainly, it will become off just by hand screwing.

On the other hand, in the case of external damage, then things become a little complicated. We will provide you with some essential guidelines by which you can easily remove the broken oil filter.

  • Firstly, you must use a sharp oil filter wrench on the body of the filter.
  • Now, you have to use a pair of channel locks, and it needs a space of size inches on the filter.
  • If you don’t have space of that size inches, you should apply a channel lock on it and move towards simple pliers. In the end, you will have left the threaded part of the filter.

Now, we will move towards the last step, removing the broken oil filter from its damaged condition.

In the last step, you have to remove all the body parts of the filter and examine the part of the stuck oil. After taking off all body parts, you have to rip the center part of the oil filter to get close to the Bolts that hold the oil filter.

After reaching for the bolts, you need a screwdriver and unscrew all the oil filter bolts.

When you lose the bolts enough, you have to take the base out from it. If you find any difficulty using a screwdriver, you can also use a bench vise to put the filter out and test it off.

When you feel that all unscrewed parts don’t work correctly, you can use another way to tackle this situation. If you think the oil filter is not working correctly or accurately removed by pliers, you can also use the drilling machine.

You can make the holes bigger by drilling them until the outside area of that filter falls off. After doing that, you now have to unscrew all parts of the roots.

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