About Us

Hi! My name is Kyron and I am the CEO and content creator here at FocusOilFilter.com

I am a total car enthusiast and cannot wait to share my knowledge with you. Throughout my life, I have owned about 10 different cars and I’ve enjoyed every single one.

My first car was a 1995 Honda Accord. It was a used car and didn’t have a working air condition. So on those boiling days in Illinois, I was rolling the window down and just trying to stop from sweating.

Nowadays, I have a 2022 Subaru Legacy.

I used to be a technology whizz at a local tax, audit, and consulting firm. I was the lead Information Systems Administrator for my office. With that knowledge, I have used it to tinker with my own projects and rebuilds.

If you need me or want to collaborate, please contact info@focusoilfilter.com. See you around!

—Kyron Philip

Ask questions, suggest article ideas, or ever provide feedback on our Contact Page.

Enjoy the site and looking forward to sharing a story or two about what made you love cars as much as I do.

What am I driving? I’m glad you asked!

A 2022 Subaru Legacy