Fram PH3614 vs Mann W7015: Fram vs Mann Oil Filter Comparison

Perhaps the biggest competitors in the market of oil filters for Ford Focus are brands MANN and FRAM. Consider a direct comparison of popular models Fram PH3614 vs Mann W7015, that fit Duratec Petrol engines.

Fram vs Mann Oil Filter Comparison

The first significant difference between these filters is the appearance. All FRAM filters are equipped with a special textured coating, which allows you to easily unscrew and twist them on the engine. The filters of MANN are painted in glossy paint, which makes it difficult for them to untwist their hands, soiled in oil.

Fram vs Mann Oil Filter Comparison Guide

Follow this fram vs mann oil filter comparison guide here.

Cut Open the Oil Filter and Inspect:

  • After cutting open the body visually it seemed that the filter element in W 7015 was bigger, because of the fact that Fram inaccurately packed the paper.
oil filters cartridge comparison
  • The thread is normally cut on both filters, which should not cause problems with unscrewing and twisting the engine.
mann vs fram oil anti drainback valve
  • The anti-drain back valve is fundamentally different. The MANN filters have a more elastic material than the FRAM. The bypass valve is also arranged in diverse ways, but in absolutely working condition on both products.
fram vs mann filtering paper comparison
  • The area of the filter paper after opening and measurement was 632 square centimeters in FRAM against 642 from MANN. The thickness of the paper is almost identical.


Both oil filters have dense material and almost similar characteristics, designed to operate up to 5000 miles. The quality of the MANN W 7015 manufacturing is slightly higher, which makes its choice preferable, despite the appearance of Fram PH3614.

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