Fram Oil Filters Comparison: High Mileage, Extra and Tough Guard, Ultra Synthetic

Company Fram is the leader in the production of oil filters. Let’s compare, is there a difference among its products: Extra Guard, Tough Guard, High Mileage, and Ultra Synthetic.

Fram Oil Filters Comparison

Fram Oil Filters Comparison Inside

Despite the external similarity, after the opening of the filters, almost all components were different. Only the full metal baseplate, bypass valves, and shell were exactly the same.

fram oil filters cut open inside

Anti-drainback Valve:

Extra Guard and High Mileage have silicone rubber valves. The more expensive Tough Guard and Ultra Synthetic filters Anti-drainback valve are made of silicone, which are better for more extreme temperatures.

Filtering Paper Cartridge:

High Mileage and Extra Guard Fram oil filters have the same cartridges inside. The weight of cartridge is 36 grams. Tough Guard filtering paper darker and made from a synthetic blend. The weight of cartridge is 40 grams.

Fram Ultra Synthetic has dual layer synthetic filtering material and way better performance. The weight of the whole cartridge is 107 grams, which is almost 3 times heavier than Extra Guard.


The first and for many, the weightiest argument in buying an oil filter is the price. The cheapest of them. Is Fram EXTRA GUARD, which on average on Amazon will cost you $3.7. Whereas the road itself is Ultra Synthetics, the price of which is approaching $8.5.

NamePrice, $MileagePrice
Fram Extra Guard3.85000Check Prices On Amazon
Fram High Mileage6.55000Check Prices on Amazon
Fram Tough Guard610000Check Prices on Amazon
Fram Ultra Synthetic8.515000Check Prices on Amazon

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Weight and Dimensions:

When comparing these filters dimensionally, they look exactly identical from the outside. All of them have a sure-grip coating that helps you unscrew them by hand from the engine. Differences between these oil filters from the outside are the only labels and colors: Extra Guard is orange, Though Guard is silver, High Mileage is copper, and Ultra Synthetic golden.

Weight and Dimensions

They also differ in weight. The heaviest filter is Ultra Synthetic, whereas the light is Fram Extra Guard. See the table below to compare their performance.

NameWeight, grams
Fram Extra Guard221
Fram High Mileage243
Fram Tough Guard228
Fram Ultra Synthetic292


All these oil filters can be installed in your car. But the best of them is Ultra Synthetic. Fram Extra Guard has the best price quality.

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  1. I’ve used Fram oil filters since 1969, and have had no oil related issues at all…over (5) vehicles. I now Haveva 2002 Ford Ranger, 3000 pic, and truck running great, and oil stays good and clean.

    • David, I noticed several grammar mistakes also, and I think I know the reason. A couple of examples would be leaving out words (“a” “of” “the”), or the wrong tense of a word (“this” vs “these” or “have” vs “has”) –
      “The weight of whole cartridge” vs “The weight of a whole cartridge”
      “All this oil filters” vs “All of these oil filters”
      “Fram Extra Guard have the best price” vs “Fram Extra Guard has the best price” etc.
      Based on the mistakes that were made, it appears that the writers native language is NOT English.

      • Oh shoot, I forgot to add a comment about FRAM:
        Larry Barbrow Sr.
        When it comes to oil filters
        Is there any company other than FRAM?
        (in other words, FRAM is the ONLY company as far as I’m concerned)

    • If you take the time to say you aren’t a Grammar Nazi, yet you suggest there are errors…


  2. I have a 2004 Chevy Impala once I got it at about it 135000 miles I’ve only used fram filters now the car has 431000 miles and along with the mobile one 15000 mile synthetic oil the car still going strong same motor just the rear main seal and intake gaskets have been replaced other than that motor hasn’t been touched and no that’s not a typo 431000 miles and still going

  3. Greetings! Started using Fram filters on equipment at work several months ago. The oil stays cleaner between changes as a result. Great products.


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