How to Spot Fake Oil Filter for Ford Focus

Unfair sellers often use non-original parts to earn more money. Fortunately, distinguishing a fake oil filter from the original is not difficult.

How to spot fake oil filter Ford Focus

Differences between fake and original oil filter Ford 1 751 529

  • The fake oil filter is sloppy due to its low cost.
Fake Oil Filter Spot
  • The first thing that comes to mind is coloring, which is performed with defects like bubbles and dust.
Paint comparsion - genuine Ford Focus Filter vs counterfeit
  • The rolling of the edges of the metal is sloppy, however, like the oil channels.
Fake Oil Filter vs OEM FoMoCo 1 751 529
Fake Oil Filter vs OEM FoMoCo 1 751 529
  • A significant difference is also the color of numbers on the oil filter edge. Counterfeit is marked only with black titles, whereas on the original part number painted in red.
Buy genuine parts only from trusted stores, that is your additional warranty from counterfeit parts.

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