MANN W7015 vs Motorcraft FL-910S vs Ford 1 751 529 Oil Filrters Comparison

Do not know which oil filter to choose for your Ford Focus? Check out our visual comparison of the OEM filter and its alternatives from Motorcart and MANN.

We got filters with numbers Motorcraft FL-910S, Mann W7015 and Ford 1 751 529 genuine in our hands. At first sight they look like twins. This is not a coincidence – all three parts are produced by the company MANN+HUMMEL. They are fit for Ecoboost and Duratec petrol engines.

Ford Focus Oil Filters: Mann, Motorcraft, Ford


Let’s look at the difference between the parts.

    • MANN and Motorcraft are delivered in a cardboard box, while the original from Ford 1751529 goes as it is. This is a lack, because during transportation there can get garbage or dust inside, which will then be in your engine.
    • In addition, the filter from Mann has a silicon anti-drainback valve of red color, while the original has an orange one.

Oil anti-drainback valve comparison

    • Also, Motocraft and the original Ford Filters are marked with red numbers, while Mann filters do not.

Oil Filters comparison


All the above filters are pretty good but give preference to MotorCraft or Mann products only because of the packaging. Also compare the price and do not overpay for the twins.

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