Bridgestone vs Michelin: Find Better Tire Brand for Your Car

As the engine is significant for the vehicles, so does the tires are likewise imperative to get a smooth, sumptuous and agreeable drive. In such a manner a vehicle owner should think about the organizations that are delivering the best tires. In the given article we would have total information on Bridgestone and Michelin.

Bridgestone Vs Michelin

Let’s start over the history of both companies and we will also know about the qualities that both companies share.

Bridgestone vs Michelin History

Following are History of Bridgestone and Michelin.

Bridgestone vs Michelin History


Shojiro Ishibashi is the founder of this tire company. The word “Ishibashi ” which is the surname of the founder of the company means “Bridgestone” so he has selected his company name Bridgestone. This company was situated in Japan in 1931. Bridgestone is not only a tire production company, but the company started with footwear, and later on, they also started to produce some other products like automotive components and accessories. They also deal with sports things like golf goods and other sports productions.

This company was named Bridgestone corporation in the year of 1984. Later on, in 1891 Bridgestone purchased an assembling site in Nashville, Tennessee possessed by Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. Get more Bridgestone history information.


Michelin is a more efficient company than that Bridgestone. The history of Michelin is broader than other tire companies as well. Edouard Michelin and Andre Michelin were two brothers who opened this company. This was basically a factory of rubber balls and farm equipment until a cyclist came to their factory.

The cyclist was there with a broken pneumatic tire. Both brothers started to repair the tire and at that time they got an idea. The siblings at that point made the world’s first removable pneumatic tire, like each tire you see on open streets today. Indeed, Michelin in a real sense made present-day tires.

Michelin vs Bridgestone Similarities

The following are Similarities between Bridgestone and Michelin.

Michelin vs Bridgestone Similarities

Similarities of Both Bridgestone and Michelin:

Both are contention organizations yet you might be astonished to realize that have a few similitudes. Both of the organizations give quality items. While chatting on estimating Michelin is marginally costly. 

Both organizations produce quality and durable items. The two organizations had put away huge cash for giving their clients agreeable tires just as different merchandise. 

Be that as it may, now and then it is truly hard to tell which organization is best in certain classes. Michelin is by one way or another the champ, yet in some cases it’s Bridgestone.

Car Tires Categories of Bridgestone

This tire organization has a considerable rundown of tire creation. Some of them are given beneath. We should examine the given classes of Bridgestone tires.

Categories of Bridgestone Tires

1. Passenger Tire Categories

Bridgestone has a proficient work history for passenger tires. They make sure that their tire users always feel comfort, durability, and ease while riding a vehicle that has got Bridgestone tires.


People who have compact cars and minicars would definitely be familiar with this category of Bridgestone tires. These are cheap in price as well as comfortable with a high level of performance.


These are specially designed tires for tourists. These are the tires that have a better grip quality while moving on the road at high speed.


Are you owning a performance vehicle? Be confident to buy these tires because these tires are designed for high grip, best performance, and unbelievable durability.


This category of tires can be compared with Turanza. These tires are best for vehicles that are in use by tourists.


In the season of winter, the tires of Blizzak from Bridgestone are the best in performance.

2. Motorcycle Tires

Bridgestone can be considered the best company to provide motorcycle tires. They are giving us street, off-road, gravel road, and urban-driving tires for motorcycles.

Car Tires Categories of Michelin

As the company Bridgestone is providing different tires of different categories, Michelin is also providing us according to the needs of drivers. Let’s have a look at the categories.

Car Tires Categories of Michelin


The tires name of Defender is renowned for its touring and grand touring tires. These tires are familiar to many tourists for their durability, comfort, design, and safety.

Primacy and Premier:

There is a little change in the name of these two tire categories by Michelin. The qualities of both categories are the same. Both are suitable in wet and dry climates. A driver would definitely feel comfortable while using these tires on their vehicles.

Pilot Support:

Pilot support tires are perfect in grip smoothness and style. These are all seasonal tires with a good comfort that can be used even in winter and summer as well and these tires perform well in every type of climate.

Motorcycle Tires of Michelin:

Michelin is having great experience in making motorcycle tires. They have introduced  Sport, Sport Touring, Trail, Trial, Rally, Scooter, and Electric bike tires.

Michelin vs Bridgestone Difference

Some qualities that are different between Bridgestone and  Michelin,

All the qualities of two different brands cannot be the same. These are some differences that are given below. The main difference between both companies’ tire production is the features of tires. Michelin moreover gives attention to the high-performing tires and Bridgestone focuses more on energy optimization.

Secondly, there is a difference between performance and safety. Michelin is the company that takes interest in regular drivers’ concerns and Bridgestone takes a look at highly dense rigid tires.

Despite these differences, both companies’ main concern is the comfort of the buyers.


In this way, the thing is the two organizations are amazing in their creation of tires. Getting the tires among the two brands genuinely depends upon your monetary status, your need, and what you are seeking after the things.

You can pick as indicated by you too. In the wake of perusing this article, you would realize that the two associations are doing their best on their own. Here, you would have to have research as indicated by your solace and dependability, in light of the fact that these are not just two tire brands accessible on the lookout however picking one of them can’t be an awful choice.

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