How to Use Rubbing Compound to Get Rid of Car Scratches?

A shining vehicle is always a dream of every person who owns a vehicle. This article is specified for the readers who are looking for how to use rubbing compound on the car by hand. Before going further in this context, it is important to know what is a rubbing compound and what its uses. Basically, a rubbing compound is a substance used to give shine to an old painted thing like cars or some other thing.

How to Use Rubbing Compound to Get Rid of Car Scratches

Talking about this specific article is written for vehicle owners and drivers. So, let’s begin with the question of how to use rubbing compounds to remove scratches.

How to Use Rubbing Compound?

Here is a step-by-step guide about using a rubbing compound. You should follow each step accordingly to get the best results in the end.

1. Wash the Vehicle

Washing the vehicle must be the first step for using a rubbing compound. It would wipe off all the dirt from the vehicle. Wash it with soap and water to give a shiny look to your vehicle. With this little effort, you could make the car surface clean for further work. After doing soap cleaning, wash the vehicle with water. Then clean it with a towel or other cloth.

Wash the vehicle

2. Scratches Layers Identification

After washing your vehicle it is imperative to recognize the scratches on your vehicle. It would be very simple to apply a rubbing compound on your car, truck, or any other vehicle when you are thoroughly understanding the scratches on your vehicle. It is a wonder that you need to apply an additional rubbing compound to the space where you got scratches on your vehicle.

What you need to do to make scratches noticeable is to apply black shoe color polish on a light-colored vehicle and white shoe color polish when the vehicle is dark-colored. The shade of shoe clean relies upon the shade of your vehicle.

How to Use Rubbing Compound

3. Application of Rubbing Compound

For applying the rubbing compound, you just need to have an orbital polisher or a clean and dry towel. Now, have a thin layer of liquid on the scratches first to give an extra finishing touch on your vehicle after using a full rubbing compound on a full vehicle. You have done the rubbing compound on the scratches and now you need to apply it all over the vehicle. The thing to keep in mind is, to remove the rubbing compound completely with a towel before going further.

4. Waxing the Vehicle

The final step of rubbing the compound is waxing. It is necessary to cover the area of scrubbing completely. So, the rubbing and scrubbing you have done while working on the scratches of your vehicle would completely cover by wax.

5. Polishing the Vehicle

It is not a much necessary step but polishing the vehicle after applying the compound may give extra shine to it. It is because the main purpose of the complete procedure of rubbing compound is to give a shine to your vehicle.

Benefits of Rubbing Compound

We have done away with the way of using rubbing compounds. It should also be notified to the readers to know about the benefits of the rubbing compound. Using the rubbing compound is always an easy task.

Benefits of Rubbing Compound

It also can easily fix the uneven scratches of the vehicle and restore the old paintwork that was the original paintwork of your vehicle. This procedure would really give a new life to your vehicle.


The result is, that a reader would really understand the procedure of using a rubbing compound. A person who is thinking to work with this procedure should read this article. In the end, we can say rubbing compound is an appropriate method to give your vehicle a shiny look that is what everyone wants. A person who is a driver or has a vehicle of his own always has an aim to give a shine to the vehicle. And the procedure is mentioned above.

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