Lexani Tires Review: Eye-Catching Designs & Great Performance

Tires can be quite possibly the most disappointing wear thing to look for in your vehicle. Almost, hundreds and thousands of alternatives to pick that differ from costs to brands. Begun off,we are here to know the tires of the lexani tires company.

Lexani is a South Korean tire organization which is renowned to make the elite wheels of various vehicles and now they are concocting tires.

Quick Guide:

If you are in Hurry…! And want a quick suggestion for Best Lexani Tires ! Especially we Provide a Quick Guide Before We Discuss More In Detail. Here We offer our Top 3 Best products are mentioned below.



Milestar MS932 Sport Tire

Lexani LXUHP-207 Performance Radial Tire


  • All-season traction
  • Great handling
  • Comfortable ride
  • Not expensive


Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus

Lexani LX-TWENTY 295/30R24 XL 109W


  • Low-Rolling resistance
  • Fuel efficient
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Best for dry and wet traction



Lexani LX-TWENTY 305/35r22 110W


  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • 60-days satisfaction & 3-year flat tire assistance
  • Rim Diameter 16 inches
  • Rim Width 7.5 inches

Before looking up for the different tire reviews of Lexani, we should know a little about the company & you should watch the short video about this product.

A little about Lexani (Brand overview):

As it is already mentioned, Lexani was a wheel importer and now they are getting into tire making. This company manufactures luxurious  tires like many other companies like Michelin, Bridgestone and Continental but the tires of lexani company are cheaper than the other brands. Lexani,s tires are cheap in pricing but rich in quality.

Why to buy lexani tires:

Here are a portion of the characteristics of Lexani tires that could make you ready to choose to purchase the tires for your vehicle from this organization.

Quality and durability:

The quality and durability of tires is somewhat concerning for all the drivers. Lexani is a company that has provided quality products in the category of wheels and now they are offering very good built tires with lower prices. The EFT technology that is used by Lexani is the best technology which is concerned with a large diameter of a small tire. EFT is technically called Extended Flange Technology.

Durability of tires is some way or another dependent on the mileage of it. The organization has delivered the tires with 40,000 of mileage which is conceivable in view of cut and chip safe track compound to alleviate untimely mileage. The creators have additionally delivered the tires with strong shoulder carries to add additional security for each model.

Price and range:

Concerning the range and price of Lexani tires are available SUVs, passenger vehicles, crossovers, and trucks. These are performance tires and the company’s utmost focus is on the small sidewalls and the large sizes of tires. Looking up the prices of Lexani, all the tires are available at a lower price as compared to all the other brands.

Affordability and fuel management:

So, affordability leads to the economical product and in the matter of tires Lexani brand is producing the best tires within range and affordability. The tires by Lexani are also fuel afficient. It does not mean you would have no need to buy fuel but it means you would enjoy the rides with less fuel.

That is something about the company and their product management. Furthermore, you can read the reviews of some tires by Lexani.

List of Lexani Tires Review in 2022:

Let’s have a keen study and review of some of the best Lexani tires.

Milestar MS932 Sport Tire

1. Lexani LXUHP-207 Performance Radial Tire:

  • Ultra High Performance
  • Longitudinal grooves
  • Save and smooth braking

A detailed review of Lexani LXUHP-207 Tire:

Lexani LXUHP-207 is designed as an Ultra High Performance passenger car tire. These tires are also considered as premium quality tires from a trusted brand that are manufactured to meet and exceed strict quality requirements.

Let’s dig into more specifications of these tires:

Four longitudinal groove

Grooving of tire track is important to give adequate pallet protection from wet-climate driving and to diminish the danger of hydroplaning. For LXUHP-207 tires the architects have utilized Four longitudinal grooves that give Provide effective water diverting to improve wet street capacities.

High speed performance with smooth braking

These tires have a V shaped tread pattern which is good enough for accepting all types of water challenges. This tread pattern is designed to manage a high speed performance and braking efficacy as well. This specific tire is sustained and consistent cornering and excellent performance at accelerated speeds in all dry conditions.


high performance tire

Smooth in braking

V shaped tread pattern

longitudinal grooves



Milestar MS932 Sport Tire

2. Lexani LX-TWENTY Performance Radial Tire- 295/30R24 XL 109W:

  • Twin steel belts
  • Longitudinal grooves
  • Best designs for high performance

A detailed review of Lexani LX-TWENTY Tire:

This tire by lexani is the new generation of ultra high performance tires. Lexani LX-TWENTY is extremely great in the traction of wet and dry driving as well as it is the best tire for high speed driving in any situation.  This is somehow categorized as the best tire because of its technological features but it could be a bit noisy tire to use.

Let’s dig into more specifications of these tires:

Sophisticated technological advancement

LX-twenty is designed with some new technological advancements that also has a new and unique design. This is one of the best designs for high performance coupes, sedans, as well as  sports cars. This tire is also listed in comfortable and reliable tires of all-seasonal tires traction.

Asymmetrical tread design

This tire by lexani is having a brilliant deal  on all types of road traction just because of its asymmetrical tread design . The free track block accomplice in the item is manufactured with huge shoulder squares to make taking those difficult maneuvers an ideal snap.The circumferential grooves creates a funnel of water while you are driving on a wet road and makes your ride easy and comfortable.


Sophisticated advancement

Easy and comfortable

Good traction

Twin steel belts


A bit noisy

Milestar MS932 Sport Tire

3. Lexani LX-TWENTY Performance Radial Tire – 305/35r22 110W:

  • Best for every weather
  • High speed performance
  • Save And smooth braking

A detailed review of Lexani LX-TWENTY Tire:

The Lexani LX-Twenty has profound shoulder sipes for incredible water expulsion from under the wheel for better traction and less hydroplaning. This tire gives an amazing deal, suffering track life and extraordinary footing by any stretch of the imagination. The lexani LX-Twenty is viewed as an exceptional superior tire with rapid speed in both dry and wet conditions.

Let’s dig into more specifications of these tires:

Tire usability

Lexani LX-TWENTY  305/35r22 110W is constructed with a strengthened structure. It has an  asymmetric tread design which is equally formatted on the surface of the tire that automatically increases the usability of tire and life span of this tire.

Steering responsiveness and driving stability

This tire is designed with a perfect steering responsiveness and driving stability for passenger vehicles and SUVs. This tire also has amazing control over the roads while driving in any condition. These tires work perfectly according to the command of the driver as per the situation.



Best for every weather

Long tread life

High speed performance


Could be a little vibrated

Milestar MS932 Sport Tire

4. Lexani LXTR-203 All-Season Radial Tire:

  • All-Season Radial Tire
  • Latest design and technology
  • High speed performance

A detailed review of Lexani LXTR-203 Tire:

Lexani tire perfectly planned traveler tire highlights four straight wide circumferential sections which decrease hydroplaning to a base. it’s anything but a track design that is all around requested. This guarantees that the driver has an agreeable and quiet ride.These tires are also budget friendly.

Let’s dig into more specifications of these tires:

Top notch balance and steering

These tires have the feature of top notch center which can balance the steering in a real way. This feature is designed in such a way that can reduce the extra noise of tires while you are driving. Overall, it is a good way to experience quiet and comfortable rides. A well-ordered tread pattern is also one of the best qualities of this specified product by lexani.

Latest design and technology

Lexani LXTR-203 joins the most recent in plan and innovation without going a little crazy with itself. It is actually giving a solid, high mileage, tranquil and happy ride. It performs reliably in wet and dry conditions. Buying this tire is an amazing decision for Original Equipment replacement within this portion of the cost.


Noise free


Well ordered tread pattern

Top notch balance



Milestar MS932 Sport Tire

5. Lexani LX-Thirty 305/30R26XL 109W BSW:

  • Ultra High Performance
  • Strong shoulders
  • Longitudinal trenches

A detailed review of Lexani LX-Thirty 305/30R26XL 109W BSW Tire:

Lexani LX-Thirty 305 is planned as a great control and responsiveness at high rates, and secure traction unwavering quality on wet and dry streets.This tire is a good fit as an or more fitment or direct OE size substitution. This specific product is also a good size for SUVs and extravagance Crossovers.

Let’s dig into more specifications of these tires:


The Lexani LX-Thirty 305 is created with a synergistic equilibrium of rapid capacities, execution taking care of. These tires are likewise best for the new age of Sport Utilities. The organization has manufactured these tires with more grounded materials for the heavier vehicles, tire development that conveys control and responsiveness at high rates.

Longitudinal trenches

These tires by Lexani have two channels that are longitudinal trenches which are additionally settled with sidelong openings that water from the tires. The tires additionally have shoulders that are semi-strong, deflecting the danger of the tire losing shape.


Great control and responsiveness

Deflect in danger

Don’t lose shape

Strong shoulders


Little thin structure


Where are lexani tires made? 

Lexani tires are made in South Korea. The biggest company of lexani tires is made in South Korea where these tires are manufactured.

Who makes lexani tires? 

Nexen tires make lexani tires because lexani is the sub-brand of Nexen tires. 

Are lexani tires good? 

Yes, lexani tires are perfect with an intense set of handling and sports capabilities. 

Are lexani tires any good? 

Lexani tires are good in highway rides and have a good value for their price. Furthermore, the tread pattern of these tires are really perfect that make these tires unique in their own category. 

Lexani tires made in?

Lexani tires are made in South korea. 

Lexani tires 22 inch? 

Lexani tires of 22 inch offer an  outstanding performance and stunning look. 


Lexani is a brand that produces high quality tires with a limited range of price. This article is designed to make the buyers aware of the product quality of different models by Lexani. Almost every tire by lexani has the capability of  reliable, high mileage, quiet and comfortable riding. A reader can also read the answers of some questions that anyone could get in their mind who is about to lexani tires.

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