Collection of Best Tires For Subaru Crosstrek: Complete Guide

Best Tires For Subaru Crosstrek

The market demand for crossovers and SUV’s increasing every year and so for the best tires. Subaru Crosstrek is the smallest and compact pioneer car with the elevated version. This car is a complete package that offers advantages of both general passenger vehicles and regular all-wheel drive.

Subaru Crosstrek has small dimensions with a great practical interior and outstanding traction. It delivers superior driving dynamics on all type of terrain whether the roads are wet, dry, snowy and even on off-road surfaces. But all these are incomplete without high-quality tires.

This can be challenging to find the best tires for Subaru Crosstrek to get the best performance out of it. This article let you dig up to the plenty of best options of tires with the most reliable handling, preciseness, steering response and good off-road traction. These tires provide you ultimate everyday driving experience on both urban streets and on highways.

Quick Guide:

If you are in Hurry…! And want a quick suggestion for Best Tires For Subaru Crosstrek! Especially we Provide a Quick Guide Before We Discuss More In Detail. Here We offer our Top 3 Best products are mentioned below.



Milestar MS932 Sport Tire


  • All-season traction
  • Great handling
  • Comfortable ride
  • Not expensive


Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus


  • Low-Rolling resistance
  • Fuel efficient
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Best for dry and wet traction



MICHELIN Premier A/S All-Season Tire


  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • 60-days satisfaction & 3-year flat tire assistance
  • Rim Diameter 16 inches
  • Rim Width 7.5 inches

Buyer’s Guide:

Before actually buying the best tire for Subaru Crosstrek, you need to consider the following couple of factors and the type of tires your vehicle requires:

Touring tires

Touring tires are best for urban streets and on highways. They provide a comfortable driving experience even on uneven surfaces. They are durable and also affordable than the other two choices. This set of tires has approximately 5 to 6 years of life with the usual treadwear warranty of 70k to 90k miles.

They have exceptional resistance to hydroplaning and perfect for everyday travelling. They deliver good traction and confident grip on dry and wet surfaces.  On the other hand, they are not suitable for sport or aggressive driving.

Grand Touring tires

Grand Touring tires are the successor version of touring tires that are made for faster vehicles and delivers more stability and power. In comparison to other choices, these tires have a stickier tread compound that results in better handling

While driving with these tires, you get a more responsive steering and cornering grip. It offers better traction and comes with high-speed ratings. It performs well in all weather conditions, whether it is dry, wet or light snow surface.

If you want to buy the comfort and plush ride with these tires then you have to pay the bigger cost to buy these grand touring tires.

High-performance tires

High-performance tires are the best choice for the enthusiast and aggressive drivers who want to achieve the corners more violently. These tires are engineered to deliver accurate steering input and superior road handling.

Unlike the touring and grand touring tires, these tires allow you to carry higher speeds and drive on twisty roads with more fierceness.

Durability and strength

For considering the best tires, durability matters a lot. It can be indicated through the treadwear warranty offered by the tire manufacturers. The ideal all-season tires for Subaru Crosstrek typically offers 75k miles tread life, the greater the tread life warranty a tire has, the more durable it is.

Comfort and Noise

A comfortable and quiet ride is what every driver wants. A tire having low rolling resistance and the latest tread design offers low noise levels and a smooth ride.

Traction performance and Road grip

Great Traction and road grip provide a stable driving experience. Tires made from premium quality material provide the best traction overall. The tougher the rubber of the tire, the more traction it delivers


Touring tires are much cheaper than grand touring and high-performance tires, if you are more value-conscious then touring tires are the best option for you.

Weather conditions

As tires are designed with reference to weather conditions, the best choice for Subaru Crosstrek is the all-season tires that best works on all dry, wet and snowy terrain. Such tires have flexible tread compounds and deeper grooves that offer confident road grip

List of Best all Season Tires For Subaru Crosstrek

Milestar MS932 Sport Tire
Milestar MS932 Sport Tire

  • Features: The MS932 SPORT performance touring tire is designed to maximize performance

General AltiMAX RT43 Tire
General AltiMAX RT43 Tire

  • Features: (1) Low Surface Abrasion Technology – Even treadwear, extend treadlife. (2) Replacement Tire Monitor

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 plus
Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 plus

  • Features: Circumferential Grooves Help Channel Water Out Of The Footprint Area To Resist Hydroplaning

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring
Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring

  • Benefits: All-season touring tire, 20% more cushion than standard passenger tires

MICHELIN Premier A/S Tires
MICHELIN Premier A/S All-Season Tire

  • Features: Fit Type: Vehicle Specific, 60-days satisfaction & 3-year flat tire assistance

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season
Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season

  • Features: Treadwear warranty: 70,000 miles, Superior handling, cornering and stability

BFGoodrich Advantage TA Sport All-Season Radial Tire
BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport All-Season Radial Tire

  • Features: Advanced All-Season Tread Compounds are silica-infused compounds to deliver outstanding grip year round

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady All-Season Radial Tire
Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady All-Season Radial Tire

  • Features: Load capacity: 1609, Package Dimensions: 25.0 H x 25.0 L x 7.0 W (inches)

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 Winter Snow Passenger Tire
Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 Winter Snow Passenger Tire

  • Features: Confident Stopping Power On Snow And Ice, Reliable Handling In Winter Conditions

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 Winter Snow Passenger Tire
Best touring tire

  • Features: Explore More & choose about on your need.

Milestar MS932 Sport Tire

1. Milestar MS932 Sport Tire:

  • All Season Radial Tire
  • 225 Millimeters Section Width
  • 1874 Pounds Load Capacity
  • 102.0 Load Index Rating

Milestar MS932tread design provides you with all seasons traction, comfortable ride & of course peace of mind & worth your money. Its larger tread provides you with a better grip on the road and you get a 50k miles treadwear warranty with 1874 Pounds weight capacity. With great availability in sizes, you can even buy it for any model of vehicle.

Let’s dig into more specifications of these tires:

All-season traction

This all-season best tire is designed to enhance performance. It features excellent traction on wet, dry and snow terrain and can be ideally fit with all kinds of sport coupes, modern sedans and CUVs. These tires are available in a wide range of 66 sizes. The tires have great wet road grip and cornering performance.

Great handling

The Milestar MS 932 Sport Tire is highly responsive with a quick steering feel.  The tires are made of advanced silica tread compound that ultimately helps in weather handling and better treadwear. Moreover, these tires come in T, H and V speed ratings.

Comfortable ride

These touring tires surely meet your all performance needs. They can carry heavy weight due to the twin steel-belted structure inside the tires that also enhances its durability for longer life and reduces the risk of hydroplaning.


Not expensive

Rapid steering response

Solid corning stability


Sometimes road noise becomes an issue for drivers

General AltiMAX RT43 Tire

2. General AltiMAX RT43 Tire:

  • Weight: 25.0 pounds
  • Height: 8.9″
  • Length: 28.5″
  • Width: 28.5″

General AltiMAX RT43 tires are designed with an upgraded, solid build and low surface abrasion technology. It features all-season traction with T speed ratings and performs extremely well. These tires provide a reliable ride with Subaru Crosstrek, SUVs, trucks and other cars. With even traction and low maintenance, it executes amazingly on dry, wet and snowy roads letting you corner and brake assertively.

Let’s check more details of these tires:

Visual alignment indicators

These tires deliver impressive consumer value with smooth tread wear and prolong tread life. It gives a high level of cornering grip and all-season traction, especially in the snow. With the cool feature of visual alignment indicators, these tires contain small sipes that can be checked for uneven wearing and helps to let you know for re-balancing.

Comfort and Noise

AltiMAX RT43 offers a perfect combination of comfort with a supremely quiet ride due to its sound suppression technology. To add extra ease to your drive, these tires have twin cushion silica tread compound with high and low-density rubbers that protect you from vibrations on the road and let you have a smooth ride.

Widely Compatible

Additionally, it has a smart contoured design that works well when in contact with dry road especially on the bumps and blemishes with awesome friction and less wear. It offers a reasonable good 75k mile treadwear warranty. With a loading capacity of 1874 pounds, you have a reliable solution for the next many years.


Long-lasting touring tire

Excellent responsiveness

Tires grip well


Not on-par handling in comparison to others

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus

3. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 plus:

  • Fuel Efficiency Optimzed
  • Backed by a 70,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty
  • Performance All-Season
  • A Comfortable Ride and Confident Handling

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient solution to achieve cost-saving, then these touring tires are an ideal option for you. It gives you the most comfortable ride with some extra miles per tank. Especially designed and can easily fit with Subaru Crosstrek, sedans and minivans. As a grand-touring tire, it delivers reliable performance with a pretty good 70k miles treadwear warranty.

Below are some great features of these tires:

Low-Rolling resistance

Bridgestone Ecopia is dependable all-season tires that deliver uncompromising performance in its low-rolling-resistance compound. Where ever you are headed, you can enjoy a comfortable, safe and quiet ride. The tires are made with NanoPro-Tech that reduces the amount of energy lost and further lower the rolling resistance.

Fuel efficient

The production techniques used in these tires lead to making it fuel competent. It steps forward to augment the tires with particularly designed sidewalls with fuel-efficient compounds. So, utilize these tires to cut down fuel expenses.

Best for dry and wet traction

These tires are manufactured with the best quality material and focused production techniques. They deliver exceptional quality traction on both wet and dry roads. They are carefully tested for cornering stability and road grip. This will ultimately increase vehicle manoeuvrability.


Better fuel consumption

Outstanding brake and handling

Comfortable ride


Average snow traction

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring

4. Assurance Comfortred Touring:

  • All-season touring tire
  • Dual Comfort Zones in the tread and sidewall
  • Asymmetric tread design for increased handling
  • 20% more cushion than standard passenger tires

The assurance Comfortred touring tire from Goodyear provides the best in passenger comfort with all-season traction and durable tread life. These tires are among the best choices particularly for mid-range and sports coupes, sedans and minivans. They are uniquely designed to combine great looks, ultimate comfort and extended wear with a loading capacity of 1477 pounds.

How about seeing some more traits of this touring tire?

Dual comfort Zone

Goodyear guarantees to provide up to 20 per cent more cushion because of the special comfort layer and Comfort Edge technologies as compared to other standard passenger tires. It embraces a dual comfort zone in the tread compound and sidewalls to assure optimal handling and maximize comfort.

Asymmetric Tread Design

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred touring tire features all-season traction and enhanced pavement grip mainly supported through asymmetric tread design. That is a combination of 4 wide circumferential grooves that assist to evacuate water to improve the traction on wet roads, notched intermediate ribs and lastly self-regulating shoulder blocks.

Steering response

The sustainability is far above average on quick steering response and precision on the tire. It is the most recommended high-performance tire. It provides 80k miles treadwear warranty on T and H speed rating tires. The size availability ranges from 15 to 18 inches.


Great winter weather handling

Smooth ride

Gives better gas mileage


Become noisy when begins to wear out

MICHELIN Premier A/S All-Season Tire

5. MICHELIN Premier A/S All-Season Tire:

  • Michelin Premier All-Season Touring Tires are engineered for Safety & Comfort
  • Excellent performance in wet weather
  • Enjoy a smooth and quiet ride
  • 60, 000 mile manufacturer’s treadwear limited
  • 60-days satisfaction & 3-year flat tire assistance

MICHELIN Premier A/S is the latest tire in technology. This advanced tire has new technology in the tread compound that let it perform exceptionally in all weather conditions. This tire is engineered for all types of crossovers, sedans, minivans and a good fit for Subaru cross trek. Further, it includes 60k miles tread life warranty.

Let’s have deep details of some of its features:

New EverGrip Safety Technology

MICHELIN Premier A/S tire has silica and sunflower oil in tread compound which becomes the main reason for delivering durable wet traction. This new tool helps to expand the grooves and let the tire evacuate water. The result is great wet traction with a strong brake, added grip and confident handling.

Excellent in extremely cold temperature

The added sipes around the body of the tire provide the biting edge. It also enhances traction on snowy roads by making the tread more malleable. So, if you are resident in cold areas then these tires are the best option for you and give a loading capacity of 1609 pounds.

Strength and durability

On the inner side of the tire, you can find twin steel belts with a cord body of polyester. This gives added strength and long-lasting life to the tire. Its size availability ranges from 15 to 18 inches particularly in H and V speed ratings.


Best cornering stability

Latest technology

Supremely quiet and smooth ride


Average tread life warranty

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season

6. Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring All-Season:

  • Free 45-Day Test Drive
  • Treadwear warranty: 70,000 miles
  • All-Season Premium Luxury Touring Tire
  • Designed for comfort, agile handling and an ultra-quiet ride
  • Quiet and smooth ride

The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tire is a more responsive and sportier tire with the latest technologies in the company’s lineup.  Best built for Subaru Crosstrek, sport coupes, sedans and SUV.  It gives sufficient 60k miles treadwear warranty with 1874 pounds of loading capacity.

Let’s view the hosted features of this tire:

Innovative technologies

Behind the impressive performance and longevity of this all-season touring tire is the new generation silica added in the tread compound that 4 times greater in quantity than other standard tires. Which gives enhanced pavement grip on wet, dry and snowy surfaces.

3D micro-gauge grooves

This new technology gives real strength and reliability to the Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tire. It enhances its firmness in cornering and handling. Moreover, it improves traction performance in all weather conditions. The StabilEdge technology ensures responsive steering and control during the speed range.

Wear Square Technology

The Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tire has a visual wear indicator that helps you to see the remaining miles of tread left on the tire. It further has an asymmetric tread design that enables you to easily rotate the tires alongside and provides you with great handling capabilities. These tires are available in variable sizes that range from 15 to 19 inches with the speed rating of H, V and W.


The great value of money

Shortens stopping distance

Improves fuel mileage

Low-rolling resistance


Makes noise on the highway

BFGoodrich Advantage TA Sport All-Season Radial Tire

7. BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport All-Season Radial Tire:

  • Locking 3-D Active Sipe Technology provides more biting edges for significantly increased wet and light snow traction.
  • Advanced All-Season Tread Compounds are silica-infused compounds to deliver outstanding grip year round.
  • Aqua-Flume Technology.

BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport gives you peace of mind to travel confidently. It features Aqua-Flume Technology which is a curved shaped groove network, engineered to remove water from the tire on wet roads. That leads to improved traction and 9% resistance to hydroplaning. It offers 1477 pounds of loading capacity.

Let’s check the chief specifications of this tire:

Locking 3-D Active Sipe Technology

The new 3-D Active Sipe technology in BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport tire manages treadwear for durable life and a quiet comfortable ride. This technology locks and optimizes tire’s footprints, offering greater stability. Its detailed tread features deliver advanced mileage up to 20,000 more miles.

Latest Silica-infused tread compound

The tire has the latest All-season tread compound technology that is infused with silica, provides year-round grip and more control on steering on both wet and snowy streets. It gives a significant biting edge with 30 per cent more snow traction than its leading rivals.

Agile Handling

With 60k miles treadwear warranty for longer life, you can enjoy 10% improved handling when utilizing these tires. It provides you with precision steering in high-speed conditions and cornering.


Steady steering response

Great road feel and outstanding grip

Computer-optimized footprints


Treadwear warranty can be increased

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady All-Season Radial Tire

8. Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady All-Season Radial Tire:

  • 225/55R17 Size
  • 225 Millimeters Width
  • 1609 Pounds load capacity
  • 10 32nds Tread Depth

Goodyear Assurance Weather Ready Tire provides you extreme confidence at the back of the wheel. As the name says, this tire delivers the best traction to its consumers in all weather conditions, whether it is rain, snow or dry terrains. It provides a comfortable and smooth ride especially on snowy or iced streets with a loading capacity of 1609 pounds.

Let’s view some more features of this tire:

Weather reactive technology

The Assurance WeatherReady tire from Goodyear particularly aims the value-conscious drivers and best to deliver performance for Subaru cross trek, minivans and sedans. It contains evolving traction grooves and an all-season tread compound to provide all-new traction when it begins to wear out. Its symmetric tread design delivers dependable traction and confident handling to its consumers.

Sweeping tread grooves

It contains 3D tread lock technology that helps to provide conventional traction in all weather conditions. Its sweeping tread grooves help to evacuate the water for steadfast control on rainy streets. It further features multiple biting edges to offer outstanding grip on snowy, slush or iced roads

Low road noise

The Assurance WeatherReady tires have an optimized tread pattern that supports low road noise and helps to make a smooth ride. With more strength and durability of the tire, it is available in 14 to 17 inches in size and gives 65k miles treadwear warranty


Super responsive

Great traction on wet and snowy roads

Confident handling and cornering grip


Noise produces on the highway as compared to its other rivals

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 Winter Snow Passenger Tire

9. Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 Winter/Snow Passenger Tire:

  • A Leader In Control On Ice
  • Confident Stopping Power On Snow And Ice
  • Reliable Handling In Winter Conditions
  • Bit Particles For Impressive Traction On Ice

Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 is designed for winter driving and helps you to conquer the cold with extreme control on the vehicle even in the hardest conditions. With the right winter tires, you can secure a long-lasting ride on snow and ice with a loading capacity of 1653 pounds for Subaru cross trek and any other car.

Come let’s check a few characteristics of this winter tire:

Tread rubber

This Blizzak WS90 winter tire is made with rubber the sustain flexibility in cold temperature. Such a flexible tire meets your all needs of driving slow, easy braking and maintaining the sufficient distance between vehicles on snowy roads in winter with its optimal traction performance.

Tread pattern

These tires embrace very different tread pattern with lots of deep slots and sipes that acts as biting edge on iced streets. Bridgestone winter tire provides you great handling, grip and control on the vehicle and helps you to dig into snowy streets smoothly.

Best braking

In this category, these tires perform outclass in comparison to their competitors. It also delivers great braking and road grip on wet and dry pavements. Its estimated life for very cold regions is 6 months but on average it delivers 1200 miles/month to its consumers.


Ideal for the winter season

Improved tread wear

Outstanding braking


Doesn’t come with treadwear warranty

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS

10. Best touring tire:

  • Explore More & choose about on your need.

Subaru Crosstrek has the ability to ride on any type of terrain with the right suitable tires. They are sued on streets and highways in urban areas. The ideal choice is the best touring tires. Such tires deliver the most balanced and confident handling to Subaru Crosstrek drivers.

Let’s dig into more specifications of these tires:

Reasonable price

Nowadays, the best touring tires are easily available at the best affordable prices. With great quality, these tires are made for all weather conditions. They give superior performance in dry, wet and snowy roads with full control of the vehicle

Extremely Durable

Best touring tires come with a long treadwear warranty and has a prolonged life of about 5 to 6 years with Subaru Crosstrek. Considering the price factor, these tires approximately give 70k miles to 90k miles tread life warranty.

Best for everyday driving

All-season touring tires are best for daily driving. They have outstanding resistance to hydroplaning and perform outclass in heavy rain as well as on dry pavements. They resist bumps on the road and provide a smooth ride to their consumers.


Ideal option for high speed

Produces low noise

Great highway stability


Average snow traction

Final Thoughts

Your car is the biggest investment in your life. Therefore, you always want to protect it and keep its every part in amazing condition. So that it can serve you for the maximum time period. You can view the list of high-quality tires from trustworthy manufacturers. They are tested and certified for specific weather

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to reset tire pressure sensor Subaru Crosstrek

When the tires pressure sensor is not functioning properly, then you can reset the sensor by using these techniques. The tire pressure light notifies you about low air pressure in the tires. This high-pressure loss affects the vehicle performance, maximizes fuel consumption and may result in tire failure.

Technique 1: drive your vehicle at 25mph for about 10 to 15 min. It will rest the sensor and after that, the light should be off.

Technique 2: exclusive of starting the engine of the car, turn your car in On position. Press the tire pressure sensor button that you can find beneath the steering and hold this until the light indicator blinks 3 times, then after leasing the button, start your car and drive for 20 minutes; hopefully, it will reset the sensor.

How to change a Subaru Crosstrek tire?

If you find a flat tire while driving, then do not brake suddenly. Gradually low your speed and keep driving until you reach a safe off-road place. Once reached, and then if you are confident enough to change your Subaru Crosstrek tire, follow these steps:

  1. Park the car on a level surface and turns off the engine
  2. Use the parking brake, in AT and CVT models shift lever in P position, whereas in MT models, select the shift lever in Reverse
  3. Everyone in the car needs to get out and put on the hazard warning indicator
  4. Take the wheels blocks and put them on the front and back of the tire crosswise opposite to the flat tire
  5. Now you need to take out the jack, jack handle, a spare tire and wheel nut wrench. All these are stored in the back of the Subaru Crosstrek, beneath the floor of the trunk
  6. Use the tool bucket and turn the attaching screw-in an anticlockwise direction
  7. Use the wheel nut wrench and loosen the wheel nuts
  8. Set the jack on the side at the face and back jack-up point near the flat tire
  9. Then put the jack lever into the jackscrew and turns it until the flat tire clears the land
  10. You can now take out the wheel nuts and the flat tire
  11. Use a cloth and cleans the hub and the mounting surface
  12. Now place the spare tire. Put back the wheel nut and tighten them
  13. Rotate the jack handle anticlockwise to lower the car
  14. Use the wheel nut wrench to properly tighten the nuts to the specified torque
  15. After finishing, store the flat tire and all the tools in the right compartment in the back of the Subaru Crosstrek

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What tires come on Subaru Crosstrek?

The tires with 17-inch or 18-inch wheels size can come on the Subaru Crosstrek.

How often replace tire Subaru Crosstrek?

Time and Mileage are the two milestones, that indicates the right time to replace tires, not only for the Subaru Crosstrek but also for any other vehicle. Most drivers of Crosstrek cover between 12k and 15k miles per year.

The tread life of the tires are predicted with Uniform Tire Quality Grade Rating. However, the manufacturers of the tires also set grades for treadwear, temperature and traction. The ideal time to consider replacement of tires is when they pass more than five years.

As the tires are made of rubber, Kevlar belts and chemicals to protect against UV rays and the change of temperature. After five years of time, these chemicals begin to break down and not let the tires perform well. So, at this point, rather than going to the good looks of the tires, you need to replace them.

How to arrange spare tire in the back of Subaru Crosstrek?

The spare tires are for temporary use at the time of emergency, they are smaller and lighter in weight as compare to a conventional tire. They can be arranged or store in the back of the Subaru Crosstrek beneath the floor of the trunk (legacy).

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