Easy to Read Guide How to Repair Tire Sidewall Damage

As the words sidewall damage suggest, it means the damage in the sidewalls of a tire that could happen by a small accident or with any sharp substance that were placed on the road when you were driving. This damage could be spotted by bubbles on the tire’s sidewall or with a deep scratch on the sidewall of the tire. 

How to Repair Tire Sidewall Damage

What is tire sidewall damage? 

Tires are made up of multiple parts such as treads, shoulders, and sidewalls. Although all are vital to the tire, the sidewall area is more important by all means , as it has to face too much pressure when you are driving. The most probable damage could be the sidewall damage in case of any trouble in tire damage and it could be spotted easily. 

Types of tire damages: 

When you are on wheels, it is quite obvious that you could face any damage. There are different types of tire damages. 

  1. Punctures: 

Punctures are quite common whether you are driving a car, motor bike or any type of other vehicle. It could happen by piercing any sharp thing on the tire and the tire loses air pressure as well as control of the tire on the road. 

Punctures Tire
  1. Deep scratches and cracks:

Deep scratches and cracks could also cause damage to the tire.  The main cause of such damage is heat and somehow bad roads. These types of damages are not spotted earlier but these are quite bad for the long run. 

Deep scratches and cracks
  1. Bad treadwear: 

There occur different types of irregular tread wear damages. Sometimes, it is because of bad alignment of tires. It also can happen by over-inflation in the tire. One sided wear damage can infect a particular area of tire and central treadwear damage causes the middle area of the tire to be infected. 

Bad treadwear

Tire damage causes: 

As there are some specific types of tire damages, there are also some causes of damage that lead the tires to get severe damages. 

  1. Over inflammation of tire: 

Different tires may need  inflammation differently. For instance, a truck tire, a bicycle tire and a car tire are not the same and they would need tire inflammation accordingly. Usually, a car tire requires air pressure  between 30 and 35 PSI. so, the over-inflated tire can cause damage as well as the under-inflated tire could also bring damage to the tire. It can affect the shoulder region of the tires. Just try to fill up accurate air pressure in the tires. 

  1. Wrong alignment:  

Wrong alignment of tire can also lead the driver to the damage of the tire. If your tire is not aligned properly, it could give you great trouble while you are driving on the road. It must be checked out if you have newly aligned tires that the technician has fix the tires accurately or not. 

  1. Wearing and tearing: 

With every ride you take and with every rotation of tire you take the wear and tear down towards the damage. For maintaining this issue try to have a regular check and if you find irregular tread , just resolve the issue. 

Can we drive with damaged sidewall: 

It is obviously dangerous to drive with a damaged sidewall. It can give you hurdles and turmoils in driving. Somewhat , a little cut or scratch cannot reach the tread wear. So, with these little scratches you can continue your driving but care is also mandatory in such cases. 

Can we drive with damaged sidewall

What type of sidewall damage is dangerous: 

The tread in the tire is located at the point of  1/8″ to 3/16″ (3mm to 4.5mm). If you can see the tread it means damage is severe and tires should be replaced. The rule of thumb is also useful to know the depth of cut you get in the tire. Another induction of tire damage is bubbles in the tires. If you see bubbles in the tire , this is a prominent sign that you should change the tire. So, a deep cut on the sidewall that reaches to the tread is always dangerous and one should avoid driving with such damage. 

How to repair tire sidewall damage? 

How to repair tire sidewall damage? Or it may be asked as can we repair tire sidewall damage? The quite obvious and clear answer is “NO”. When you find bubbles on the tire sidewall or a deep cut, you cannot repair it by yourself nor your vehicle technician would suggest you repair the tire. Little scratches on the tires sidewall can be glued but this is not a repair of a long basis. The tire sidewall repairing must be avoided because it could be risky for you. 

Temporary and cheap sidewall repairing: 

Hence, it is dangerous to repair a tire’s sidewall. Still, a little puncture with a nail or a little scratch could be repaired and fixed. We can do this repair with the following method.  First of all, inflate the tire to know from where air was leaking then scrape the infected area with soap and water. Then cover the plug stem with some cement and fix the wire puller.Try to reach the wire towards the damaged area of tire and make sure cement on the plug remains wet till you have fixed the problem. Now, cut the remaining part of the wire with rubber and apply fast dried cement on it again.   At the end, reinflate the tire and see how it is working. 


This is where the discussion is keenly focused. As an author, I would suggest that anyone who has to deal with tire problems must read it. It is a fact we encounter problems in relation to tires while driving, including on highways.One of these problems is the sidewall damage. We tried to cover the area if we can repair the sidewall damage but we hardly get any clues about it. The most effective way is not to repair the damaged sidewall  but only a puncture with a small nail or a little scratch and the method is mentioned above. 

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