How to Remove Studs From Tires? Step by Step Guidelines

With the question of how to remove studs from the tires, another question that can be kept in the mind of a person who is thinking about removing the studs is, can studs be removed from tires? And the answer must be “YES”  and you can even do this task at home. Most probably, you need to do it in summer because studs are for the traction and stability of the tires on snowy and icy roads. There is no need for such stability in the season of summer. Most people remove the studs from the tires in summer to get smooth and safe driving. It is an easy task to accomplish and even you can do this task with tools you already have at your home. There is no need to buy new stud removal tools to remove the studs.

How to Remove Studs From Tires

Before getting to know about the procedure of removing studs from the tires, we just need to keep in our mind that you cannot restud the same tires.

Remove Studs From Tires Step-By-Step Guide

So, here is the step-by-step guide on how to remove studs from tires.

1. Remove the Tires

The very first step to removing the studs from the tire is to remove the tire from the vehicle. It would make your task easier. You may remove the tire with the proper method of removing a tire by using the required tire removing tools. You can use a weight-holding jack in the method of tire removal.  When you have removed the tire,  you would need to have a mount to place the balance of your vehicle while you are working with the tire.

Remove the tires

2. Use Lubricant

When you are done with the tire removing procedure find some lubricant to lubricate all the studs. In general, a standard tire has 100-120 studs and all must be greased. Some people use liquid soap with water for this purpose. On the other side, we also can use lubricant spray or WD-40. 

Even Though, you can loosen up the studs without lubricating the studs, using lubricant could make your task easier.

3. Remove Studs With a Correct Tool

There can be three tools that can be appropriate for removing the studs. Here, we would learn the method of removing studs with all three tools.

Flat Screwdriver


Tire stud removal

  1. Flat Screwdriver: A screwdriver is always an easy tool to get and is a helpful tool for removing studs from the tires. But it cannot be a useful tool for all types of studs.
  2. Pliers: A pair of needle nose pliers is also a worthy option to utilize. Studs can be easily grabbed with the pliers and could be removed as well, if tires are old the screwdriver could be a better option.
  3. Tire Stud Removal: There is always a specific tool for every mechanical work. A tire stud removal tool is always best because sometimes the studs have no base to use any other tool. Although a stud removal tool is always the best option, it does not mean that the use of a screwdriver and pliers are not helpful tools for removing the tire studs. You can use the tools accordingly.

4. Puncture Check

After removing all the studs from a tire it’s time to inspect the tire if there is any puncture or any other issue in the tire. There must be any damage spotted if any of the studs were driven deep in the tire. Usually, two methods are renowned for checking the puncture of tires. Both of them are given below. 

  1. Water Check: With this method of water check, you can sprinkle soapy water on the tire or spray a window cleaner. By pouring soapy water or window cleaner some bubbles would emerge from the leakage area of the tire which would be a sign that the tire is punctured.
  2. Air Leakage: The second foremost method is checking the air leakage. This could be called a common method to check the puncture. The hissing sound of air can also be produced from the tire and with the help of this sound, we can locate the area of puncture easily. Getting a puncture means you need to make the tire repaired otherwise it can be lost. If you have more punctures in the tire, it means your tire is a waste now and you need to buy a new tire.

5. Is It Safe to Remove Studs at Home

rows of a tire. Removing all the studs can be a time taking task but can’t be a difficult one. Studs are designed as fat flat nails molded in the tread design while manufacturing of the tire. So, it is a safe method to remove the studs at home. The thing to focus on is the inspection of the tire after removing the studs to make sure there is damage in the tire

6. Cost of Removing Studs From the Tires

Everyone needs to visit the mechanic if the matter is the installation of studs in the tires. On the other hand, It would cost almost 0% for removing the studs when you are doing the procedure at home. Still, if you think you should visit any workshop for this purpose, you may get your required task at a low price. 

7. Use of Winter Tires in Summer

This is an accurate question and thought as well. Studded tires make noise on the road, if you remove the studs then you can obviously use these tires in the summer. People usually perform this act of removing the studs from the tires to use the winter tires in summer. 


Reading this article is complete guidance about removing the studs from the tires. If you have read the article carefully, you are ready to perform the task. Just collect the required things and start working on removing the studs from the tires. As it is mentioned above you would only need to have a lubricant, whatever you can easily grab, and a tool to loosen the studs and you can use a screwdriver, pliers, or a stud removal tool. 

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