Hankook Dynapro Hp2 Review: Size, Road Grip & Surface Details

Hankook Dynapro Hp2 Review
















Control on noise

Wet and dry handling brake

Reasonable price

Super comfort


Average for off road rides

Like every tire buyer you are also looking for high speed stability with a stiffness of tires. You have come to the right place. Here you are going to read the review of Hankook dynapro hp2. It is an all-season touring tire that is designed to give comfort and long wear. Use of hankook dynapro hp2 tires guaranteed to give a smooth and quiet ride. Even these tires are so hard that they can carry heavy weight easily.

Details of Hankook Dynapro Hp2

It is really important to know the details of any product before buying it. Let’s read the article together to collect the information.

Suitable Vehicles for Hankook Dynapro Hp2:

Though hankook dynapro hp2 are best tires for different vehicles, these tires are specially designed for  Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hi-Lux, BMW X3. These are also good for rugged vehicles such as Jeep Wrangler and Ford-F 50.

Structure of Hankook Dynapro Hp2:

The structure of these tires is dependent on two wide steel belts supported with spirally twisted jointless nylon string to consolidate fast toughness with ride consistency. A high-thickness polyester packaging mixes directing reaction with an ease ride.

Technology Used in Hankook Dynapro Hp2:

3D Shoulder Block technology and radially oriented sipes of hankook dynapro hp2 are developed to lock both tread block hardness and handling of vehicle on a dry road while the center rib of tire controlled by the steering. The handling of steering depends on how well the tires perform. In an evasion move including a turn into the left path and back into the correct path; on CR’s wet taking care of circuit; and steering feel.

Features of Hankook Dynapro Hp2:

While chipping away at the highlights of dynapro hp2 the organization Hankook maintained the attention on their life span and superb wear attributes. The feature of  silica in these tires improved the performance of the tread compound which is having a symmetric design. It’s because of these features that  dynapro hp2 tires give you a comfortable, smooth and silent ride. But the thing you have to keep in mind is, do not give the tires heavy load because heavy load on these  tires  can decrease the performance level of these tires.

Sizes of Hankook Dynapro Hp2:

Hankook also reached the limit of different tire sizes as all the other tire brands. Some tested and available sizes are given in this list 235/60R16, 235/70R16, 235/60R17, 235/65R17, 235/60R18, 235/65R18, 245/70R16, 245/65R17. Hankook also presents hp2 tires in R19 and are 20. These sizes are the following  P255/60R19,275/60R20 and 275/60R20.

How Do These Tires Work Profoundly in Different Weather Conditions?

It is important to know about the performance of hankook dynapro hp2 in different weather conditions. Lets have knowledge about it by reading the further article.

On Wet and slippery roads:

The four wide groove channels have the capacity to resist aquaplaning and hydroplaning of water. The outer shoulder of the tires also help the tires to move smoothly on a slippery or a wet area and road. Even though these tires are designed for the normal roads, still these tires can also afford to manage loose gravel and sand in a limit.

On the snowy roads:

In a way, it is a yes for the snowy road driving with these dynapro hp 2 tires but not  a huge amount of snow. These stunning tires are engineered with siping in each track block and add many gnawing edges to help create snow foothold.

On dry surface:

These tires by Hankook are considered as all-season touring tires. They are obviously good for the dry roads. The high density polyester makes these tires more durable that also give a comfortable ride  to the driver and passenger of a vehicle on which hankook tires are used.

Off road driving:

It could be a little disappointing for some people that hankook dynapro hp2 tires are not really perfect to  be used for off road driving. It is because of loose gravel and dirt on the roads. These tires need extra care to use for off -road driving. It would be a better idea not to use these tires for off road driving instead of damaging the tires.

Hankook Dynapro Hp2 as a Best Choice

The main thing to select these tires is the price. With all the unique attributes of a perfect tire , these tires are having less price then other tire brands. The wide treads of these tires deliver equal load on all tires in any condition of braking. The silencer spies of these tires are designed to prevent extra noise while riding. Do not wait for being late. If you are looking to buy a unique set of tires with low cost, this is the best choice for you.


As per the whole discussion, a buyer can come to know that hankook dynapro hp2 tires are cheap tires with different and unique qualities. The prevention of block movement and irregular wear can optimize the straight grooves that make these tires more special. The 4 channel aqua diving give a level of performance to these tires. Even , these is an issue of average off road performance these tires are perfect with a less price. In the end, I would say that reading this article would help the buyers to select the best tires of all-season.

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