Bridgestone Potenza re980as Review: Simply Outstanding

It’s obvious when anyone is going to buy tires for his vehicle he would try to know about the best company of tires. Bridgestone is one of the best companies of tires among different brands of tires. This article is for those who are thinking of purchasing Bridgestone Potenza re980as and want to read about the Bridgestone Potenza re980as rating. Read this article before making up your mind about Potenza re980as by Bridgestone.

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS Review


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All seasonal ultra high performance.

Useable on a dry surface.

Great performance on wet and rainy roads.

Griped drive on snowy roads.

Good for off-road driving.

High level of traction in all seasons.


Slightly usable in the season of winter.

Detailed Bridgestone Potenza RE980as Review

Firstly, Let’s come to know about the structure of Potenza re980as together.

Structure of Bridgestone Potenza re980as Tires:

The structure of Potenza re980as is designed with an asymmetric tread pattern. It additionally has three polyester sidewall utilizes and two polyester employs in the track territory to adjust take care of reaction and for a comfortable ride.

Suitable Vehicles For Potenza re980as Tires:

These tires by Bridgestone are designed for luxurious cars, sports cars, and Sedans. These are the best tires for all seasons and give ultra-performance in both wet and dry weather.

Features Of Bridgestone Potenza re980as Tires:

Bridgestone Potenza re980as is a product that is created for people who believe in crisp handling in any weather no matter whether they have a luxury car or a sports vehicle. The feature Asymmetric tread is used in these tires to decrease the noise of any vehicle. These are perfect tires for traction on slippery surfaces because of their excellent performance in wet and dry conditions with an ideal steering response.

The key feature of Ultra high-performance tires are grip, traction, and braking and Potenza re980as tires have all the qualities in them.

Sizes Of Potenza re980as Tires:

This tire is available in different sizes and some of them are given in this discussion. It is available in size 215/45R18 with a diameter of 25.6. Another size of this tire is 225/40R18  with a diameter of 25.1. 245/45R17, 225/45R18, 255/35R18, 275/35R18, and 255/35R19  are also some tire sizes of Potenza among all the sizes of this product of the tire brand of Bridgestone.

Technology Used in Potenza re980as Tires:

Tire designers specially designed this tire with stiff sidewalls to avoid distortion in the tires while driving it on any road surface. Another quality of this tire is that its tread pattern is incorporated into the track design, which helps the proprietor track the treadwear. This tire is also having the technology of high sipes density to handle the situation on slippery roads.

You can easily understand the main feature of Potenza tires. This technology feature is the tread pattern slots and grooves that are interconnected with an easy evacuation of water from the contact patch.

Ultra High-Performance All-Season Tire

The Bridgestone Potenza re980as is an Ultra High-Performance All-Season tire. It provides a good grip on any vehicle on the road, no matter what the surface of the road.

A Dry Tarmac Surface:

Much of the roads we drive usually are dry-surfaced roads. The performance of Potenza is very smooth with a good grip on the road. These tires give the riders a great feeling of comfort even on a high-speed drive on the dry tarmac surface. So, these tires are easy to handle on dry roads even with the highest speed of your vehicle.

Wet and Slippery Roads:

Though, another situation we face while driving is wet and slippery roads during the rainy season. Sometimes, we go through this situation all of the sudden. As a driver, you do not need to worry about this situation if you are using the Bridgestone Potenza re980as. It’s because you can lose grip on the road with any other tires but with Potenza, it would amaze you by providing an excellent grip and traction in wet conditions. The tread compounds of these tires help the vehicle to maintain its grip on the road even in wet and rainy conditions.

On the Snowy Roads:

It is always a difficult situation to drive a car on a snowy surface. This can really be problematic for a driver to handle a vehicle on a snowy surface of the road. Do not worry about it. There is always a solution to every problem. The solution is Bridgestone Potenza re980as in this situation. Its  3D sipes technology can easily retain the grip and traction of your vehicle even in freezing temperatures. The driver can easily handle the vehicle with these tires even in light and heavy snow.

Performance in off Road Driving:

After all the seasonal situations a situation also can happen with a driver and that is off-road driving. The Potenza tires not only give a performance on roads but these tires are adorable for off-road driving. Potenzas are sticky tires that can bear dust off any surface whether it’s on-road or off-road driving.

Potenza RE980as the Best Choice:

Obviously, Potenza is the best choice for everyone even if you are a racer or a person who has casual rides on a daily basis. The reason for buying these tires of potenze is their all-seasonal performance because most of the tires are categorized with a certain area and surface. Potenza is the tire best for all drivers.


To close the discussion, we all know that everyone needs the tires for all seasons then why not Potenza? Potenza tires are different because of their technology and level of comfort. These are all seasonal ultra tires with the traction of a sporty feel.

You should go for the Bridgestone Potenza re980as tires. It is the best choice for all people looking for high-performance driving. So, to have a comfortable feel and durable tires is easy now just because of choosing Potenza re980as tires by the world-famous brand of tires named Bridgestone.

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