Read the Ways How To Balance Tires At Home

Safety should be the first preference of everyone while doing anything, even when it’s the question of driving your own vehicle. One should be very careful while driving his car. Tire imbalacement is a common problem face by most drivers. It can cause several issues if it is not fixed earlier. It happens when the weight of your tires is not distributed evenly on the tire circumference.


In most cases, individuals are advised to go to the mechanics for the solution to their tire imbalancements. However, it’s not a big issue, one can do this on your own.

What Are The Signs Of Imbalancements Of A Wheel?

The following signs indicate that imbalacement exists in a tire:

1: Vibrations

Tyres Vibrations

2: Uneven Wear

Tyre Uneven Wear

3: Increased Fuel Consumption

Increased Fuel Consumption

4: Suspension Issues

Suspension Issues

5: Tire Run Out

Tire Run Out

Balancing The Tires If You Don’t Have A Wheel Balancer At Home:

One can also balance the tires if he is not having a wheel balancer. However, this is usually trial and error and you’ll need to remove the wheel as well as weights. Follow the steps to balance the tires:

  • Identify the wheel which is not balanced.
  • Clean the dirt, dust, or debris from the wheel and thoroughly clean the tread.
  • Individuals should set the 12 O’clock position and apply the weight there. Then reverse the care to a speed where it starts vibrating. Then increase the speed bit by bit. Where the vibrations reached at maximum apply the weight there.
  • When your car is still vibrating, change the weight to 45 degrees from the original position. After this, increase the speed. Check if there is any spot where the vibration speeds move higher, apply the weight at that point.

Balancing A Tire With A Balancer At Home

The balancing routines may vary, so one needs to make sure that one consults the manual before using the machine. This method is universally recognized and only provides one basic step to take. You need a screw diver with a flat end, a lug wrench, a jack to remove the wheel. To balance the tires, you need a tire balancer at home and different weights for tires. Following are the steps to balance a tire using a balancer at home:

  • Remove the weight from the tires, so we can easily determine the spot which is the cause of unequal distribution.
  • Remove the wheels from the vehicle.
  • Clean the dirt and debris from the tread. Thoroughly clean the tires. Wash them with water if required and then dry them.
  • Put assembly on the balancer and follow the manual (spin the wheels if you are dynamic balancing, wait till the tire settles into static position).
  • Use the chalks or a permanent marker to marks the spots on the tires where you feel is the imbalancements.
  • Now, apply the weight at the marked points.
  • After then, remove all the weights from the tires and check the balance.

Hence, in this way you can use a home balancer to balance the tires.

Final Thoughts:

Balancing a tire is not a big issue, you’ll need to learn simple methods and techniques, and require the essential tools to balance your tire.

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