How to Remove Tire From Rim? Learn Easy to Follow Steps

There is a sure existence of each physical thing, and so do the tires of vehicles that have a day-to-day existence. For a period of time, the tires of a car or some other vehicle should be changed and for that reason, removal of the tire from the rim is required.

How to Remove Tire From Rim

With the help of this given article, a driver can easily understand how to remove a tire from the rim. Going to the car workshop for tire removal can be costly but you can do the procedure of removing the tire from the rim at home. so, read the article throughout the end and get to know the procedure of how to remove tires from the rim by using some handy tools.

How to Remove Tire From Rim Methods

I’m personally using Honda & have good experience to remove tire of Honda Accord. There are two main procedures for removing a tire from the rim. The first one is done with some handy tools which are most commonly in use, even at home. The second one is the procedure that is done by machines. Have a look at both of the tire removal procedures with the step-by-step process.

Removing a Tire With Handy Tools:

Before looking at the procedure of removing a tire from the rim with a handy tool, we need to know what tool to remove the tire from the rim we would need for that purpose.

Deflating of Tire:

Deflating the tire is the most important step in the procedure of removing a tire from the rim. First of all, measure the air pressure then locate the air valve which is a small part of metal inside the rubber and release the air with pressure. There would be a cap on that metal piece that must be moved counterclockwise. Twisting the cap would remove the cap from the tire and air would be exhausted easily.

Beading off the Rim:

Here is the second step of beading off the rim which is the main step of the procedure. The bead is the edge of the inner circle that is attached to the tire with a real grip which is quite difficult to remove. You may remove it by driving the vehicle heavily or you can use a knife or any sharp tool to cut the bead off the rim.

Lubricant Application:

It is a fact that the rim sticks to the tire strongly, due to the excessive drive. Apply some lubricant on the edges of the rim to make it easy for removing it from the tire.

Pry on Other Half of the Tire:

Half of the work is done and you need to work on the other half of the tire. Just flip the tire and use a screwdriver to drift the pry bar. Take the screwdriver underneath the rim and make it free just putting some pressure on the screwdriver. Keep having some pressure until the rim gets off to the rubber of the tire.

Use of Manual Tire Changing Machine

As earlier mentioned that you would learn two methods of removing the tire from the rim. First, one can be done with handy tools but you also can remove the tire from the rim by using a manual tire changing machine. We also need some tools as well along with the machine.

  • Plywood board or any hard piece of wood
  • Manual tire change machine
  • Screwdriver
  • Air valve removing tool

Machine Set Up on Plyboard:

The very first step in this procedure of removing tires from the rim is to make the manual tire changing machine ready to start the work. This machine needs a strong surface and a wood plyboard is the best for this purpose. Trace the machine base on the surface of the board and attach the machine to the plyboard with the help of bolts and a screwdriver.

Take the Air Off:

It is the hard part of the tire that is attached to the tire strongly. This metal part is somehow difficult to take off. Use an air valve removing tool to twist it counterclockwise till the valve stem is removed.

Tire Setting on the Machine:

Now, place the tire on the given nub on the machine. Lay the wheel flat on the nub and clamp it up for a strong grip on the tire. When you feel the tire is resting on the machine nub, hook the tire changer arm and make it conform that the tire is holding the place.

Use of Changing Rod:

You would also find a changing rod in the box of the machine. This rod is really helpful for removing the tire from the rim. Use this rod as a liver force by placing it at the point where the rubber of the tire and rim is placed. Use the full force on the other edge of the rod until the rim got exposed from the tire. After doing this process from the side of the tire, change the side of the tire on the machine and repeat the same process.

Free the Tire From the Rim:

This is the final step of this manual tire removing the process from the rim. Get the tire as far as possible up by sliding the bar right down to the base segment of the wheel. At that point pry the base side until you can completely lift the tire out of the edge.


To conclude, we would say that every driver must know about the procedure of how to remove the tire from the rim. This is a concise article about the procedure of removing tires from the rim and it is a fact that after reading this article a person can easily do this procedure at home and save a huge amount of money with a little effort. The procedure is a little complicated and lengthy, but after getting complete knowledge it would be easy for a driver to complete the process of removing the tire from the rim.

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