How to Remove Plasti Dip From Rim? Easy to Follow Steps

So, you have been here on our page. It signifies you are already familiar with Palasti dip, as you are a car owner. This document’s main purpose is to provide the reader with information about How to Remove Plasti Dip from Rims. Although Plasti dip might appear permanent, it is not, and there is a way to remove it.

How to Remove Plasti Dip From Rim

How to Remove Plasti Dip From Rim?

No matter the reason for its removal, Plasti Dip can be time-consuming, but the procedure can be accomplished.

Select a day with no appointments to remove the Plasti Dip. Additionally, pick a day where you can enjoy the outdoors at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

Here is a step by step guide to remove Plasti dip from the rims.

Wheel Removal:

In order to remove Plasti dip from the rims, the tire must be removed first. There is no need to remove all of your tires at once when you jack up your car. During the Plasti dip removal process, you can remove one tire at a time.

Wheel Removal

Dip Dissolver Preparation:

You can find several different Dip dissolves available on the market. Choose the option that works best for you. Dissolves can be used differently. Read on for more information. Here are some dip dissovers you can use for completing your procedure.

1. Kerosene

Plasti dip can be removed from rims with kerosene, a fast, easy and cheap method. Kerosene is also known as heater fuel in the market. You need a glass jar to use Kerosene dip dissolve. Add some kerosene to the jar. Then, wet the wheel from top to bottom using a toothbrush and a generous amount.

Afterward, let the kerosene soak into the Plasti dip. It is time to clean the surface of the rim, and you may do so with a pressure washer. Remove the Plasti dip from the rim using a wooden stick at this point, but be careful not to damage the tire. Cleaning soaked Plasti dip can also be accomplished by using another substance that can act as a sponge.

2. WD-40

Plasti dip can also be removed from rims with WD-40. It can be sprayed onto the surface of the tire from the rim area where Plasti dip is placed. Afterward, let the WD-40 substance stay in the Plasti dip for 10 minutes to dissolve it. After that, you can wash the ground with a pressure washer. While Wd-40 may not be effective, Kerosene still has a good track record of removing Plasti dips.

3. Goo Gone

Start by covering the rims in Goo Gone and letting it dry. You will need to wait 10 minutes for any other solvent to dissolve the Plasti dip from the rim. Wipe it off with a sponge. If you are not satisfied with the removal of Plasti dip, repeat the process. Goo Gone is basically a cheaper product to use for this method of removing Plasti dip.

4. Paint Thinner

As well as paint thinner, Plasti Dip can also be removed from rims using paint thinner. Even though it isn’t as fast as acetone, paint thinner does the job. It gradually dissolves the Plasti dip. Plasti dip can be removed from rims in layers through this process, which may take some extra time but is not difficult. You can repeat the process until the layers are gone. Brushes soaked in paint thinner can be used to scrub on the Plasti dip.

5. Rubbing Alcohol

Various surfaces can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Plasti dip rims can also be removed using the same procedure. Use rubbing alcohol with gloves on to avoid getting burnt. Then, apply light layers, let them soak in for a few minutes, then peel off. Plasti dip should be applied again if it appears to still be left on the tire rims. Although it can be a little tricky, this method also works.

Tires Washing:

The last step of this whole procedure is washing all tires. Even if you have used a pressure washer for removing the solvent you have used. Still wash the tires again just confirm that there is no left part of plasti dip on any rim.

Tires Washing

Reasons for Removal of Plasti Dip

There can be many reasons one needs to remove the Plasti dip from the rim. Some of the reasons are described here;

  • This may be because your Plasti dip is damaged or has other flaws.
  • This is due to the fact that Plasti Dip has faded over time.
  • Some car owners might want to try out a new design or color.
  • Plastic Dip is no longer your cup of tea.

Now, moving toward the main idea of this document.

Most Asked Questions FAQ

There are some questions that are asked by the people who are thinking of removing the Plasti dip from the rims.

What to Do After Removing Plasti Dip?

After completing your required task you just need to give a finishing look to the rims. Give a chrome finishing to the rims that could make the tires more stylish in look.

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last?

Plasti dip is always durable and can last for three years without any retouching.

Is Plasti Dip Permanent?

It comes with an Iceland bond, it can be said it is paramount.

Can a Pressure Washer Remove Plasti Dip?

Yes, Plasti dip can be removed with a pressure washer but you would need to apply some solvent before using pressure water. The details about the solvents are given above in the same document.

Does Removing Plasti Dip Damage the Rims?

There is no risk of rim damage, instead, you use any sharp object like a screwdriver or knife to remove Plasti dips from the rims.


The crux of the whole discussion is that removing Plasti dip at home is not a difficult task at all. Here, the point to ponder is that do it carefully while having all safety cautious.

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