How Often Should You Wash Your Car? Washing Your Car

Ever been through an experience of graffiti or inscribed “WASH ME” on your messy car of yours? And you certainly got annoyed or maybe embarrassingly smiled out at the momentous adventurism of the doer. Well, that exactly is our point of discussion from here on.

How Often Should You Wash Your Car

How Often Should You Wash Your Car Guide

Considering the busy schedules these days it is necessary to know how often should your automobile get some cleaning and washing. Ideally or in normal circumstances, two weeks is the minimal time frame to get the washing chore done.

The frequency of washing your automobile depends upon many other corresponding factors too. They should be taken into account too while deciding the right time to wash your car. Let’s see what these factors are:

  1. Usability of Your Car: If you drive for long distances on long and dusty paths or as a profession, your usability is more than an average user. So more frequent wash may be required to get rid of dust, pollen, and air pollution.
  2. Residential Location: Residents of beach areas or those who frequently go to oceans require more frequent washes to get rid of the sea or ocean salt.
  3. Season/Weather: It is a common perception that winters require lesser washes than summers. Well, that is not the case in reality (unless your car feels too cold in winter!). Also, people cancel the wash if the rain pours and consider that the car has already bathed in divine droplets. On the contrary, cars must be washed after rain to get rid of the hazardous aftereffects of acid rains and moisture which gets locked in car paint.
  4. Parking Spots: In case you thought of the shady tree as a cool parking spot often, tree sap has to be washed away. Also, there may be birdies having their wild party and painting your car with their droppings. So that stuff is also a must to be gotten rid of at the earliest before it affects the car paint and shine.
  5. Storage: Your car requires lesser frequent washes if it remains covered and parked in your garage and is rarely used.

Preferred Method: Self-Wash, Wash From a Drive Through, or a Mechanic’s Expert Wash

Well, which option should be chosen out of all these depends totally on the user and the cost-bearing capacity. As a matter of fact, regular two weeks of self-wash at home is enough for maintenance and cost-effectiveness. An expert/mechanic’s wash must be considered when going for a monthly oil change and thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of your automobile. In case your preferred method is wash from drive-through prefer a touchless wash. Ones with huge brushes have a tendency of capturing the dirt and dust particles from vehicles and later on.


Self-Wash Tools:

 The preferred essential tools are: 
  1. Rubber nitrile gloves
  2. A water hose and buckets
  3. Dirt traps
  4. Car wash Liquids/soap (preferably biodegradable)
  5. Car window cleaner
  6. Microfiber towel
  7. Wheel brush

Buying good tools for a car wash at home is a one-time investment. They save the cost of going for a professional wash and serve the purpose.

A Little Bit of Extravagance: Waxing of Exterior Surface and Changing the Seat Leather Covering

Done with the wash? A little bit of extra love and extravagance is never bad. Every six months, look out if your car needs a coat of wax applied. A simple test is to see the water running on the car’s surface. If droplets appear your car is waxed otherwise the wax has been washed off and needs a re-application. If a car is used too often or the user’s profession is driving, seat leather may get abraded or wither off. Change the seat leather to enjoy the renewed ambiance.

Waxing of exterior surface

Go for Ecological Clean Green Wash:

It is good if you can save water and recycle it while washing your car at home. Using biodegradable washing liquids, preferring a bucket over a water hose, and directing the used water for washing cars to homegrown gardens serve the purpose rightly. This way you will be a helper in saving precious water along with a clean, shiny, and washed-up car.

So all of it sums up like every two weeks simple wash, every few months or once a month inside out maintenance and professional touch up from a mechanic, and every six months wax application and you are good to go!

Go for ecological clean green wash
 Happy Washing! 

Why Should a Car Be Washed Anyways?

Your car is not only your vehicle for the commute but also a valuable asset. Properly maintained, taken care of and loved cars can prove to be good paybacks when it comes to their resale. One of the most important factors that count in maintenance is: washed up, neat and clean automobiles.

Along with that time and again wax application and other detailing, as and when required, are a plus. Additionally, even in the case of regular usage without consideration of resale, car maintenance tells a lot about the user’s aesthetics too.

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